The Process

Initial Consultation
The objective of our free initial consultation is to determine your needs, wants and style. We accomplished this by asking questions that enable us to understand more about you and the new home you will be building. We analyze your budget and your ideas to see if they coincide. We offer suggestions based upon your input to help move things toward your scheduled goal.
Site Inspection
If you have a building site already secured, we can meet on the land to determine orientation, elevations, views, access and utility accessibility. There is no charge for this inspection.
Schematic Plans & Preliminary Estimate
At this stage we go over any reference plans, photos, or other material you have to get a better understanding of your wants and needs. We will ask you questions about what you would like to include in your home, from flooring to countertops to the amount of bedrooms. From here we enter into a Preliminary Estimate where we will put together some rough numbers and then present to you what we think your ideas and wants will roughly cost. This will help us and our clients narrow down a budget for the project and then we cant enter the Design Stage.
Design Stage
At this point we enter into a Design Contract and begin drafting preliminary floor plans and elevations to get you ideas on paper. This portion of the design phase will take approximately 4-8 weeks. Cost usually runs between $2,000 and $5,000, depending on the size of house and the complexity of it. In the Design Contract we will estimate a total cost of your design but the project will be charged out per hour basis.
Construction Agreement
We now have arrived at the drafting of the construction agreement and commencement of construction. This is the agreement you can take to your lending institution for financing. It includes the detailed plans and specifications, payment and allowance schedules, and provisions to protect both parties. Bear in mind that changes can still be made during the building phase, however, the above processes are designed to eliminate this necessity wherever possible. But we do understand that changes are sometimes unavoidable.
Ground Breaking
The moment has arrived for the ground breaking of your new home! Relax and let our experts make your dreams a reality.